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November 15, 2011

Subtle Sparkle

You can’t escape the holidays, no matter how hard you may try. If you can’t beat them, join them — and if you’re joining, you might as well be prepared. A few shops are go-to destinations for me this time of year and West Elm is one on my list. There’s a location here in Toronto, but they also ship across Canada from their website.

Not only do they have great holiday decor but they also offer terrific basics in tableware and linens. Here are a few items from their holiday line-up that caught my eye:

This woolen mistletoe would make a great hostess gift (and it’s kid and pet friendly — the real stuff is poisonous).

These colour-banded dessert plates are totally fun, and a nice way to simply spice up a white set of china.

This glitter feather ornament would be pretty as a tree decoration, but I’d tuck it under a gift’s ribbon as a little extra punch to holiday wrap.

Mercury glass is classic, and these canisters would be gorgeous in a bathroom, but could also double as holiday vases with the lids removed.

Hosting a holiday party? Maybe a fab new entryway light is in order. This faceted fixture is so lovely, and bridges industrial with just enough pretty.

For more holiday ideas, from Christmas trees to Hanukkah recipes, see our Christmas & Holiday Guide.

Photo credits:
1. Felt Mistletoe, West Elm
2. Colour-Banded Dessert Plates, West Elm
3. Glitter Feather, West Elm
4. Mercury Glass Canisters, West Elm
5. Faceted Mirror Semi-Flush Fixture, West Elm