TOM is a fully holistic home design firm comprised of diverse talent assembled to cater to each project’s specific needs, creating homes that are as beautiful and delightful as they are functional.


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Tommy Smythe, Lindsay Mens Craig & Kate Stuart

About TOM

Partners Tommy Smythe, Lindsay Mens Craig and Kate Stuart bring decades of design experience to TOM, their most recent venture. TOM is a new concept in comprehensive and holistic home design service. TOM is highly personal, a little bit irreverent, extremely hands on, and fair, but above all TOM is people; that’s us and that’s you. We want you to feel comfortable with what you’re spending as well as exhilarated by the results of that spend and we believe the two are not mutually exclusive. Our enthusiasm for the challenges and creative opportunities your home presents will be contagious, and we pride ourselves not just on our past performance, but also on our openness and curiosity. Kate, Lindsay and Tommy have been featured in numerous publications and lifestyle television media, sharing the work we do with design enthusiasts and homeowners around the world. Our understanding of the special alchemy that elevates a home to a ‘magazine quality’ level of layered sophistication comes from years of creating television reveals and magazine stories. For our private clients, the experience is just as special, maybe more so. At TOM each project proposal is treated as a unique case study for which a carefully selected community of creative talent, technicians and support members is assembled to work in concert with clients to realize the most perfect outcome possible; a home that reflects the needs, tastes, values and aspirations of its inhabitants.

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