January 12, 2016

Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips From A Nutritionist

Plagued with hair loss, dull skin and digestive problems, nutritionist Joy McCarthy’s aha moment came from turning her diet around. This Canadian nutrition guru has appeared on Global’s Morning Show and Canada AM to tout her philosophy on honouring our relationship with food and our bodies. The recipes and advice in her book Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well Without Dieting shifts perspectives from deprivation to embracing natural, nutritious food, along with easy lifestyle changes that impact long-term health. Here are her top five tips for a healthier diet:

1. Eat for your body and mind. “Eat probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut or kefir (fermented yogurt). Your gut health is directly related to your mental health and well-being. Gut health is one of the underlooked areas of overall health. According to this review, there are supplements that can improve your gut health, resulting in improved digestion and weight loss. If you have healthy gut bacteria and healthy digestion it can actually impact your mood significantly.”

2. Detox in a healthier way. What I suggest is just eating more detoxifying foods on a regular basis.  There’s so many local foods that have naturally detoxifying properties, everything from cauliflower and beets — beet roots and greens are incredibly detoxifying for your liver — to broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale and cabbage. Rather than doing two weeks of cutting everything out or only eating one thing and then going back to your regular diet, it’s better to just eat more detoxifying foods on a daily basis. It’s a simpler way.”

3. Eat leafy greens everyday. Even though kale is queen of the leafy greens, variety is key! Leafy greens are a rich source of antioxidants, fibre and even contain protein. They are one of the most nutrient-dense veggies.”

4. Cut out refined sugar. The key is to read your labels to ensure there are no hidden sugars. The average person consumes up to 150 lbs of sugar per year and most of this is hidden in packaged foods like salad dressings, bottled pasta sauce, granola bars and cereal.”

Excessive sugar may also affect your oral health. Sugar is known to attract harmful bacteria that destroy the enamel of your teeth and may cause cavities. You may try these guys out if you need dental services for your cavities.

5. Listen to your body. “Your body will always provide you with signs and symptoms when something is out of balance. The key is to listen and then do something about it.”

6. Consider natural remedies. Don’t rule out plant based medicine, and don’t be quick to dismiss new remedies like thc delta 9 gummies. Typically associated with stoner culture, these THC gummies break the mold by helping elderly patients with pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Find healthy recipes from Joy’s book here.