Best Paint Colors

April 8, 2016

10 Paint Projects To Revamp Tired Spaces

Assistant design editor Jennifer Koper shares fresh ideas for your next paint project. 
Jennifer-Koper-FeaturedImgI love a natural patina, like tarnished silver or weathered wood, but when the finish on a piece is less than desirable, a quick coat of paint has the power to completely transform it. Plus, painting is affordable, quick and easy, so you change your mind whenever another color calls your name. This is why I’m a bit of a serial painter — the power of paint can be almost addictive!

Whether you’d like to breathe new life into a space by painting your walls, floors and ceilings, or try your hand at a smaller project like sprucing up an old piece of furniture, there’s a paint for every type of material and application. Inspired? Here are some fresh ideas for your next painting project.

Author: Jennifer Koper