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September 3, 2015

8 Expert Tips For Painting Furniture

If there’s one thing that can transform a simple piece of furniture into something spectacular, it’s a fresh coat of paint. Michael Penney, decorator, stylist and owner of two home decor shops in Whitby, Ont., happens to agree. He recently launched a furniture paint line with Fusion Mineral Paint that’s inspired by his love of the East Coast. “I get inspiration from all the colors I see in nature and by the seashore when visiting places like Kennebunkport in Maine,” he says. “They have a lot of soft blues, greens and things that are time worn and feel sort of beachy.”

House & Home sat down with Michael to talk color inspiration. Click through to see the Penney & Company Collection and get his tips on how to transform furniture with a fresh coat of paint.

Author: Adena Leigh

Fusion Mineral Paint