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March 13, 2017

Discover Why This All-Season Cottage Is Glorious Year-Round

Designing a cottage that makes the most of all four seasons is a balancing act best performed by the pros. When the owners of this 6,650-square-foot cottage in Muskoka, Ontario, decided the layout no longer suited their needs, architect Gren Weis draft a new-build on the existing footprint that saw 95 per cent of the cottage demolished. Designers Margot Bell, Katelyn Hermant and Dasha Ricci of Peaks & Rafters, a go-to destination for cottage decor, created a fresh look that incorporated cherished family items from the old cottage. The design is classic cottage style, with nods to nature that ease the flow between indoors and out. Whether the sun is bouncing off the waves in high summer or a snowdrift in deep winter, any day at this cottage is a glorious one.

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Author: Wendy Jacob

Donna Griffith


House & Home September 2016


Margot Bell, Katelyn Hermant and Dasha Ricci of Peaks & Rafters