August 31, 2023

Cori Halpern Injects Vibrant Color & Pattern Into A Clean-lined, Modern Space

If Toronto was a treasure map, the X Condominium would mark the spot where art, culture and nightlife come together. It’s a big part of what attracted Robin, a software developer and Amelia, a marketing professional, to purchase the 1,650-square-foot unit in 2021. “I don’t drive, so it was really important that we found a place that was walkable and transit-accessible,” says Amelia of the tower designed by architect Peter Clewes in the International style with nods to Mies van der Rohe. “The layout of the unit was perfect,” says Amelia. “It had two rooms where we could each set up offices, and a large living, dining and kitchen area, perfect for entertaining.” The catch: “We hated the kitchen,” says Robin. “There was also a dark, cavernous bathroom that had to be redone.” They knew they needed help.

Amelia began researching designers online but was discouraged by portfolios full of stark, white spaces. They wanted color and pattern, something that would nod to their fun side — Amelia moonlights as a burlesque dancer. Facebook recommendations led them to Cori Halpern whose own home tour video won them over. “Cori seemed like a colorful person and had a colorful space we could relate to,” says Robin. Before they even got possession, Cori got to work.

Scroll down for a look at the vivacious results.

Author: Simone Olivero

Virginia Macdonald


Cori Halpern