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July 4, 2019

Design Debate: Is Open Shelving Fussy Or Fabulous?

One of today’s biggest trends in kitchen design is open shelving. The upside is hard to deny: it can make your space feel more airy and gives you room to display great-looking dishes, ingredients, serving pieces and cookbooks. Best of all, open shelves are often less expensive than installing closed cabinets. On the downside, though, it’s a big commitment. Not only do you need pretty stuff that matches or at least coordinates, you’ve got to dust and clean more often.

At H&H, we think open shelves are totally worth it! No matter your style — be it industrial, farmhouse, traditional or contemporary — open shelving adds loads of personality to your kitchen. We’ve collected some of the best kitchens with open shelving from our pages, and we want to hear what you think: Is open shelving fussy or fabulous?

Author: Day Helesic