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June 14, 2019

How To Make A Stunning DIY Summer Table Garland

London florist — the incomparably named — Rowan Blossom worked for fashion designer Matthew Williamson before she opened her own floral studio on the fringe of Notting Hill. She brings an It Girl sensibility to the floral arrangements she creates for parties, weddings and fashion events. In her new book, Living with Flowers: Blooms & Bouquets for the Home, she details how to make a breezy table garland. “This is a brilliant way to dress your table when you wish to keep flowers to a minimum, but still want to impress,” says Rowan.

This garland suits casual summer weddings, but can also work during the holidays by subbing in fir and eucalyptus, pinecones, peppercorn berries and dried citrus. You can add flowers to the garland using florist test tubes, she explains, just conceal the tube by ruffling the foliage around it.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Author: Wendy Jacob

James Stopforth


From Living with Flowers: Blooms & Bouquets for the Home by Rowan Blossom. Copyright © 2019. Excerpted by permission of Laurence King. All rights reserved.


Rowan Blossom