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January 12, 2016

Editor’s Inspiration: The Colors Of Portugal

H&H stylist Reiko Caron shares color inspiration from her recent trip to Portugal. 
Reiko-Caron-FeaturedImg-2Lately, it seems like everyone and their mother has taken a trip to Portugal — and you can add me to that list! This past November, I had the opportunity to take in the sights (and pastries) of Lisbon and Faro, and couldn’t help but notice the repetition of one particular color as I made my way through the city streets: deep, dark green.

I saw it everywhere. It was as if everyone in Portugal had simply agreed that forest green was the perfect shade to pair with any tile, any stone, any paint, anywhere — and in most cases, it really worked!

Here are a few standout examples that I snapped on my trip to get you thinking about gorgeous, deep green.

Author: Reiko Caron

Courtesy of Reiko Caron