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January 11, 2016

Top 3 Trends For Decorating With Houseplants

Assistant design editor Jennifer Masseau shares the biggest trends in houseplants for 2016.

The turn of the New Year always makes me long to add new life into my home. With gardening season still several months off, I’m opting to introduce new houseplants into my apartment for a hit of fresh greenery that defies the current winter weather.

Naturally, I’m loving that houseplants are being embraced as no longer just a background player in home décor. More and more, I’ve been noticing plants taking a starring roll  — or at least, joining the ensemble cast of decorating accessories, along with art, textiles and small furnishings.

Along with this, of course, has come a new wave of attention to the vessels we’re putting them in. Here are the three biggest trends in stylish indoor planters coming up for 2016.

Author: Jen Masseau