July 10, 2024

Erin Feasby Designs A Couple’s Dream Ensuite With French Flair

Everyone has a different take on luxury. For one couple in Burlington, it’s a Parisian hotel. With images of grand, spacious bathrooms in mind, principal designer Erin Feasby of Feasby & Bleeks Design got to work designing this 200-square-foot French-inspired bathroom and closet. The homeowners gave Erin free rein during the design process. “The ensuite wasn’t offensive, but it was obviously dated,” says Erin. “It had Hollywood lighting, drop-in sinks and a typical walk-in closet.” It also had a wonky floor plan: one door next to the bed opened to a bland walk-in closet, and a stark and empty hallway led to the ensuite bathroom.

To enhance flow from bedroom to ensuite, Erin tweaked the floor plan. “We see it as taking the puzzle pieces out and rethinking them,” she says. Luckily, the walls weren’t structural, which made the process easier and more budget-friendly. Then, to connect the ensuite and closet, she swapped out the bathroom’s single vanity for two stand-alone models with grey marble tops, and the space between them was turned into a doorway. “We made the closet more of a pass-through,” she says. “Now, there are two entrances to the ensuite.”

Filled with thoughtful touches like this, the ensuite is a resounding success. “I love all of the pieces and elements we chose,” says Erin. “It feels like you’re going to the Ritz in Paris.” C’est magnifique.

Scroll down for Erin’s expert advice on designing a French-inspired bathroom below!

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Author: Chelsea Dolan

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