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September 8, 2022

Get Houseplant Tips From Plantfluencer Melissa Lo

In her first book, Houseplant Oasis: A Guide to Caring for Your Plants + Styling Them in Your Home, (Page Street Publishing, 2022, $23) Toronto plant influencer and designer Melissa Lo of @houseplant.oasis dispenses advice on plant care and styling. Melissa’s eye for plant display is keen, so she not only covers basics to keep the most popular houseplants healthy, but also shows off inspiring rooms filled with greenery. “As humans, we are wired with a natural affinity to nature and living things. Being in and around nature has a mood-boosting and calming effect,” writes Melissa. “Surrounding yourself with plants can ease your state of mind and help reduce stress, anxiety and negativity, making room to increase motivation, productivity and creativity.”

Scroll down for more for her practical advice on keeping plants thriving and beautiful!