Decorating & Design

April 1, 2021

Shops We Love: Viridi Is A One-Stop Shop For Pretty Planters & Vintage Finds

Growing up, Katrina Huang was always surrounded by greenery — in fact, she owes her love of plants to her mother’s green thumb. But in her search for foliage-friendly accessories and decor for her first apartment, she felt the options were sparse. So, she started her business, Viridi (which means “green” in Latin), in 2020 to offer a range of sustainable and handmade finds for plant enthusiasts like herself. “I decided to work with artisans in Vietnam because they had a lot of great boho-inspired wicker and rattan planters,” says the 25-year-old Chinese-Canadian business owner.

While waiting for her planters to arrive, Katrina started an obsession with thrifting. “There’s a ton of quality items that people are just throwing away,” she says. So she also began selling curated vintage decor. “I want Virdi to be a go-to marketplace for thrifting, so that we keep the circular economy going, and we bring new life to these old goods that really look good as new,” she says.

Scroll down for a taste of what Viridi has to offer!