Artist File

December 30, 2020

How To Incorporate Sculpture Into Your Space

In our column, Artist File, art advisor Diana Hamm of WK ART shares her guide to bringing sculpture home.

When people first start buying art, it’s generally out of need, and a new house with empty walls often tops that list. As such, most first-time buyers start with paintings, photographs and works on paper; basically, things to fill the walls. While this makes complete sense, I think sculpture is an often overlooked medium on the domestic scale. While sculpture can be overwhelming in both price and size, it’s not always the case, and the right sculpture has the power to totally transform a room. Because you can appreciate it from 360 degrees, it works well in all sorts of places, often in spaces where a painting wouldn’t. Read on to discover my favorite types of sculpture and some fantastic Canadian artists working in this realm.

Author: Diana Hamm

House & Home September 2020