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October 30, 2023

Inside A Newly Built House Designed With Timeless, Sophisticated Style

Elyssa Maldoff, principal designer of Design State is used to designing homes for families with young kids, so when a high-powered lawyer and her 16-year-old daughter found her on Instagram, she was excited about the prospect of designing a space with elevated, timeless style. “After living in their midtown Toronto house for many years, the homeowners considered renovating the existing property, but ultimately decided on a new build,” says Elyssa.

Located in the Bedford Park neighborhood, the skinny 2,241-square-foot house feels like a relaxing oasis, full of ‘comfortable luxury’  according to Elyssa. “We wanted to go for something really calming that had a quiet elegance. With every room you’ll find the same elements — a neutral palette, soft curves and refined simplicity.”

Author: Talia Hart

Lauren Miller


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