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August 29, 2023

Inside The Range Rover House Experience: Carmel Edition

H&H’s Deputy Editor Emma Reddington visits the Range Rover House in Carmel, California.

Design, whether it be of automobiles or houses, is often linked to the same principles — a frictionless experience that provides both functional ease and aesthetic pleasure. The feel of a doorknob or faucet in your hand is comparable to that of turning up the temperature in your car or opening a vehicle door. It should be both intuitive and sensory, an occurrence that happens without thinking but leaves a memory. It might not be something we consider every day, but for Range Rover, a company with a rugged off-road history who introduced the first luxury SUV in 1970, functionality and luxury go hand in hand.

That experience has been brought to life with a series of Range Rover Houses (this is the third in the U.S.), with the latest a return to the dramatic coastline in the Carmel Highlands in California. For four days, the house hosted a series of cultural events and experiences during Monterey Car Week, an extended weekend of auto shows, track events, car auctions and new auto reveals all culminating in the exclusive Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Author: Emma Reddington

Courtesy of Range Rover and Emma Reddington