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November 7, 2016

Our Interiors Director’s Favorite House & Home Shoots Of All Time

Interiors director Meg Crossley shares her most memorable H&H spaces.
Meg-Crossley-FeaturedImgDuring my almost two decades at H&H, I’ve had the privilege to direct the photoshoots of countless gorgeous homes. (It’s the perfect job for a decor snoop like me, who likes to take evening walks when lights are on in beautiful houses!) But narrowing them down to a few favorites is a real challenge. Shoots that stand out in my memory tend to have involved a trip to a place I’d never been — where I got a chance to check out local architecture — or where I saw the beginnings of a decorating “trademark” with a new-to-us designer. Seeing something completely new and unexpected from someone we’ve worked with for years is also thrilling. After some serious reminiscing, here are a few of my most memorable home shoots.

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