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September 7, 2021

This Stylish & Efficient Kitchen Is Perfect For A Busy Family

When homeowners Emily and Peter Atkinson decided to tear down their house in Toronto’s Kingsway neighborhood and build their dream home, there was no question who they’d call for the design. “Emily is a dear friend of ours,” says Kate Krasic of Kate + Amanda Design Studio. “It was something she’d been looking forward to doing for a long time. And it was a given that we were going to be a part of it.”

Like many homes in the west end neighborhood, this one was handsome but dark. “Emily wanted things to feel comfortable and family-friendly, but she also wanted the room to be clean and a little more sophisticated,” says Amanda Nycz. The designers pulled together a dream team, made up of architects Ph.D. Design, kitchen specialists Kingsway Village Custom Homes and cabinetmakers Downsview Kitchens.

What they created is a kitchen that truly acts as the hub of the home. It’s open to the living room, with a butler’s pantry and dining room to one side, and a breakfast nook to the other (with an outdoor fireplace and pool just outside).

The team was on the same page for almost every decision. “The greatest challenge was convincing Emily and Peter to do herringbone floors,” says Kate. Emily was leaning toward wide planks, worrying she might tire of herringbone. “That could have pushed it into a country farmhouse vibe,” says Amanda. “They said to us, ‘If you really feel that herringbone is the thing, then we’ll do it.’ ” The result is subtle but adds the refinement that Emily and Peter were after.

The chemistry of this group was special enough for Amanda and Kate to ask Emily and Peter if they’d be willing to start over. “It was such a good group!” says Kate. “We said, ‘Why don’t you sell this house, and we’ll do it all over again?’ ” The owners are thinking about it, so the designers will have to wait to recreate the magic. For now, the pair is in love with their kitchen. Says Amanda, “That brings us so much joy.”

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