June 13, 2024

Lynda Reeves Design Studio Transforms a Century Lakehouse Into A Charming And Comfortable Retreat

There’s a benefit to having a well-travelled client. Who can holiday in the south of France and the English countryside or comb through the markets of India without wanting to bring some of that beauty home? “My client loves to travel, so ‘Parisian French,’ ‘English Country,’ ‘Classic American Trad’ and the textiles of India happily found their way into the recent renovation of their country house,” says designer Lynda Reeves.

After working with Lynda on two other projects, the client reached out for help when she bought a graceful Dutch Colonial farmhouse on Lake Simcoe. Intended to be a weekend retreat for extended family, the early-1900s house needed help — previous renovations had removed some of the original detail.

Architect Paul Roth was hired to restore some of those details and add new windows, exterior finishes and structural elements. Lynda and her team at LRDS were brought in to do the interiors. “The mandate was to transform this farmhouse into what we thought an original heritage country house should feel like,” says Lynda. The owner, who frequently hosts her six adult children and 12 grandchildren, has fond memories of being her for the first time. “When I stepped on the property after a long winter in the city, I felt my shoulders just drop,” she says. “This house is one of the first in the neighborhood and has quite a history in this little community, so I wanted to preserve the feel of it.” Architect Paul Roth adds: “Much of the interior was gutted during this renovation, but we retained the original detailing and character wherever possible.”

The two-year-long project started in 2020 and included all-new windows and exterior doors, siding, insulation and a new cedar-shingled roof. On the main floor, the hardwood floors, staircase, fireplace, interior French doors and fir panelling in the sunroom were all retained, while the kitchen was expanded. Upstairs, a new bathroom was created and the existing bathrooms were all redesigned.

Author: Wendy Jacob

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Paul Roth Architecture (architecture)/Lynda Reeves Design Studio (design)