Decorating & Design

March 12, 2021

See How This Fashion-Forward Kitchen Marries Form & Function

For Shauna Walton‘s clients, whose weekly ritual of pizza-making guarantees splashes of stone-staining tomato sauce, marble counters were out of the question. With two young daughters eager to help, the couple knew they needed a hardworking quartz surface to cook on. “Still, marble had to play a part,” says Shauna, who instead used a dramatically veined marble for the backsplash and island front, turning the surface into the star of the kitchen in a family-friendly way. “The island is the pièce de résistance,” she says. “It’s the first thing you see when entering the kitchen.”

The clients had called in Shauna to spearhead the renovation of their 1930s Toronto home. “The kitchen was teeny-tiny and falling apart,” says the designer. The brief was to create a space that was functional and edgy while staying true to the home’s original (and coincidentally trending) details such as arches and brass hardware. “The new cabinet knobs and pulls came with a big price tag,” says Shauna. “But at the end of the day, it’s the jewelry, and sometimes you just need to have it!”

Scroll down for the big design moves and unexpected details of this fashion-forward kitchen!