September 8, 2020

How A Young Family Makes It Work In A One-Bedroom Apartment

In our new series, Following Now, we go inside the homes of cool Canadian creatives.

Imagine having to distinguish between what you think you need and what is truly essential on a daily basis. That’s how Alison Mazurek of navigates living small with a family of four. Yes, she sometimes dons headphones for peace and quiet or has a time-out on the balcony, but her 600-square-foot Mount Pleasant home — with its high ceilings and close proximity to cool restaurants and shops — is perfect in every other way. Even when she and her husband, Trevor, had their children, Theo and Mae (now 7 and 4 respectively), they stayed. She’s now turned her living situation into a resource for those living in compact spaces, not just by necessity but by choice. “Many Vancouverites can’t afford a traditional home anymore,” says Alison. “This is our reality — we’re all living in apartments or creative small-living situations — so how are we going to do it comfortably and sustainably?” According to, in September of 2020, the average monthly rent of a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver was roughly $1,650. And as of April 2022, this average price has now has risen to $2175. So making the best of every square foot is not only recommended, but essential for most living in the city.

Here are Alison’s tips for doing it right, and making it look good, too.

Author: Wendy Jacob

Alison Mazurek


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