February 7, 2019

You’ll Never Believe This Dreamy Pastel Bedroom Is A Rental!

With popcorn ceilings, dated carpets and drab lighting, rental living can be less than ideal. But interior stylist and blogger Sarah Gunn proves that with the right decorating decisions, you can revamp your rental home into a vibrant and personality-filled space. In just six weeks, she completely transformed her master bedroom into a covetable hideaway.

With soft blue and blush tones, bold patterns and nautical artwork, the room feels like a bright, beachy escape. “I’m forever inspired by my childhood in Nova Scotia,” says Sarah. “There is just something about being by the ocean that inspires true happiness, peace and calm.”

Scroll down to see inside this dreamy pastel bedroom.

Author: Victoria Christie

Angus Fergusson


Sarah Gunn


Sarah Gunn