September 9, 2020

Sustainability & Style Go Hand-In-Hand In This Designer’s Bedroom

Designer Sarah Walker of The Curated House knows the importance of making healthy choices for the home. Her sensitivity to toxic chemicals “paved an organic path to becoming an expert in wellness for the home,” says the designer, who suffers from Lyme disease.

When it came to her own space (which she shares with her husband and two kids), creating a healthy home was key to her recovery. The bedroom was the last room in Sarah’s house to get her designer touch, so its transformation into the sleep sanctuary she had always dreamed of was a long time coming. “The heart of the space wasn’t centered around our health and well-being,” admits Sarah. “I had no idea how much more deeply I’d sleep and how significantly my pain would improve once I finally had a healthy, inspiring retreat.”

Scroll down to learn how Sarah’s gave her bedroom a sustainable makeover in just three months!

Author: Victoria Christie

Reid Lambshead


Sarah Walker, The Curated House