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February 25, 2022

The Lakehouse: See The Big Reveal!

Lynda Reeves reflects on the joyful journey of reimagining The Lakehouse. 

“It’s the last Sunday morning in October. I’m up before sunrise, sitting in the  kitchen of our almost-finished lakehouse. Tomorrow morning, our photo crew returns for the final day of shooting, just in time for this issue. Soon, I’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful house without all the intense fussing for the cameras. Today, we’re having friends for lunch, and I’m about to make a tarte tatin. Michel is peeling apples and I’m rolling out the puff pastry. Last week, I brought up 40 years’ worth of recipes from our city house to my new country kitchen, where I plan to sort and file, and cook up a storm for years to come. Can I tell you how much I love this house? It’s so grand, and yet casual — warm and inviting, supremely comfortable and totally romantic. Yesterday, I told Michel that I didn’t recall the lake ever being so calm and serene as it is now. He reminded me that we were never up here overnight in October until this year. I couldn’t believe that, so I looked back over the photos and videos from the fall of 2020 and was stunned to see that, a year ago, this house was a construction site with no kitchen or bathrooms or finished rooms! And here we are now, totally settled in, and feeling at home.”

Keep scrolling to see the big reveal of the main floor!

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Author: Lynda Reeves

Stacey Brandford


House & Home January/February 2022


Lynda Reeves with Gillian Atkins and Candace Thompson