July 25, 2022

Tour A Spectacular Vacation Home On B.C.’s South Pender Island

Light is often at the top of the wish list when homeowners are designing a new place in this neck of the woods, where sunshine and sea views feel so much more integral than square footage, stainless steel fridges and other amenities. But the Vancouver family who uses this spectacular home on B.C.’s South Pender Island year-round to escape from the bustle of city life — just a 15-minute flight away — wanted way more than just bright spaces. This is a house where the line between inside and out has been all but erased. Nature is its soul mate. The rooms are kissed by breezes that sweep through wide-open sliding glass doors designed to let in as much of the landscape and light as possible. The only color palette is one that mirrors the stone and sky and sea and natural beauty all around it.

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