Decorating & Design

March 16, 2022

Three Beautiful Black and White Kitchens, Three Unique Styles

What is it about the black and white kitchen that we love so much? Over the years, we’ve flirted with other colors — think bubblegum pink and turquoise in the 1950s and sunset hues in the ’70s — and lately, natural wood is back in vogue, along with kitchens painted in today’s trend hue of muted green. And yet, the classic combo of black and white — like the little black cocktail dress — never goes out of fashion. From the English-style scullery kitchen, with its black painted cabinets, to the sleekness of white, seamless, Euro-style spaces, black and white keeps appearing in the most fashionable kitchens.

It probably all began with the elements: white marble for counters, black for French cast-iron stoves and English “hobs,” black and white for linoleum tile floors, and gallons of white paint for cabinets. And then, the evolution of the kitchen from a tiny hidden room to the heart of the house, the “great room” of today, has had a big impact on how we dress our kitchens. You can imagine a dress-up dinner party in a black and white open kitchen as easily as you can picture a casual family meal in a country-style kitchen like the one on our cover.

Scroll down for three examples of how talented designers used this palette in very different ways!