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March 15, 2022

Vancouver Ceramicist Janaki Larsen Shares Her Creative Process

“I have so many ideas all the time that I don’t sleep much,” says ceramic designer Janaki Larsen, happily reflecting on long days in front of the wheel and at the kiln. The acclaimed artist produces up to 100 ceramic vessels per day, notably creating dishes for Noma in Copenhagen when it was voted the world’s best restaurant (Janaki got the commission via a stylist friend when they worked on a cookbook together), so it makes sense she’s not wasting precious time lying down. Many creatives would burn out with so many hours spent working, but that’s precisely what gives Janaki balance — and especially so now that she has an expansive new studio, where those myriad ideas have room to fly. For our March 2022 issue, Janaki invited us into her new studio and shared her creative process with us.

Scroll down to see Janaki in her creative element!

Author: Amanda Ross

Tracey Ayton


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