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December 22, 2016

Tour A Small Semi With Vintage & Global Decor

When designer Silvana D’addazio and her partner, restaurateur Saeed Mohamed, purchased their 1880s semi, they wanted to live in and get to know the space before making any major redesign decisions. “And after 10 years, we really knew what it was we wanted,” says Silvana. Namely, to maximize the space, customize furnishings for cozy corners and make the most of a tiny, dark kitchen that gets a workout from the couple’s busy schedule hosting friends and family. With a flair for colorful, patterned fabrics and a confidence that comes from her years in the industry, Silvana designed an exquisite sanctuary swathed in rich fabrics and bathed in warm light. Go inside her sophisticated space.

Author: Ellen Himelfarb

Michael Graydon


House & Home January 2014


Silvana D’addazio