Vanilla Cookie Glaze Recipe

Decorate holiday cookies with this easy glaze. Be sure to double this recipe if you intend to glaze the surface of the cookies. Watch Lynda Reeves and Bonnie Cook demonstrate cookie recipes with this glaze on H&H Online TV.

2 cups strained confectioners sugar, spooned in and leveled
2-3 tbsp hot milk or water, plus additional as needed
1 tbsp light corn syrup
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
Pinch of salt


Step 1: Place the confectioners sugar in a large bowl and add the remaining ingredients. Stir with a small whisk or spoon until very smooth. The glaze should pour from a spoon in a steady stream. Use additional liquid sparingly. A little bit goes a long way. Store the glaze tightly covered in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Step 2: Fill a piping bag halfway with icing and decorate cookies as desired.

Makes about 2/3 cup, enough for 48 2″ cookies

Watch Lynda Reeves and Bonnie Cook decorating holiday cookies with this recipe in Episode 52 of H&H Online TV.

Reprinted with permission from Carole Walter’s Great Cookies (2003 Clarkson Potter).

Photo Cookbook Great Cookies Carole Walter