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March 22, 2011

Affordable Kid’s Room Update

Looking around my daughter’s bedroom last night got me thinking about how sometimes, when the stars line up, missing pieces in a room fall into place.

My task last weekend was to pull a few final touches together in a room that was once a really cute nursery, which then turned into a dumping ground for Barbies, and is now a really cute big-girl space. Basically, I just purged a few things and put some effort into the details that I think have made the room pretty again. A new coat of Farrow & Ball’s Old White (#4) paint helped freshen up the walls, and thankfully, the wallpaper survived the “wall drawing stage” without a scratch.

I have a pair of these alabaster table lamps but never had the right spot for them. A quick trip to Winners landed me the lampshades. The shape is pretty enough for the base and even lined, which helps it look more substantial. $10 each!

This junk store chair with velvet seat was a find for $20. Learn how to revamp a similar cane chair.

I find it hard to hang items that have to be plugged on papered walls, so light items and art work best with wallpaper. This little paper banner of butterflies from The Paper Place here in Toronto was a no-brainer for $6. It looks quite sweet hung above this old twin bed from the cottage.

Oh, I also have to mention the cotton velvet, zippered, feather-filled pillow. It was on sale at Urban Outfitters for $7 … really?!! Such a gorgeous muddy-pink colour.

The lesson? Cheap can be super cute.

For more affordable ideas for children’s rooms, see Kids Rooms: 19 Designs.

Photo credits:
Morgan Michener