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Lynda Answers Popular Questions

Discover her advice for two common dilemmas.

Best Paint Colors

Suzanne Dimma’s Top Front Door Colours

Learn her picks this season.

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Ask A Designer: Bright Front Door

How to freshen up a façade.

Dining Room

Living/Dining Area Makeover

Tips for a less formal, more livable space.


Retro Bathroom Update

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Small Condo Living Room

Graduating to a more mature, modern style.


Fun Basement Playroom

How to decorate a space for kids.

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Ask A Designer: Enclosed Front Porch

Cameron MacNeil's decorating tips.


Spacious Principal Bedroom

How to create a more feminine look.

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Spacious Living Room

How to warm up a room with high ceilings.

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Dressing Down A Living Room

Get a less traditional, more casual look.

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Arranging Backyard Furniture

How to set up an outdoor oasis.


Small Luxurious Bathroom

Cameron MacNeil's makeover tips.

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Updating A Vintage Kitchen

How to maximize a small space.

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Vintage Country Dining Room

Cameron MacNeil offers updating advice.