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5 Designers Share Their Style Predictions For 2019

Out with Millennial Pink, in with… ? To find out what looks we’ll suddenly see everywhere in 2019, H&H executive editor Kimberley Brown reached out to designers for their New Year’s decorating plans and predictions. Their answers promise mindful yet daring decorating everyone will love.

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Ask A Designer: How To Design A Bedroom With A Bold Rug

In this Ask A Designer column, Joel Bray shares his ideas for decorating a bedroom anchored by a striking rug. Question: The large Bokhara rug in our bedroom is quite overwhelming and I’m not sure how to incorporate it into the decor. What color scheme, nightstands and lighting do you…


How To Make A Dramatic Floral Mural Work In Your Bathroom

In this Ask A Designer column, Jennifer Koper shares tips on balancing a bathroom’s dark and dramatic mural.  Question: I’ve installed a dark floral mural in my bathroom and need advice on how to finish the look. The house is new, so the vanity has to stay! — R.P., Niagara Falls…

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Considering An Accent Wall? Get A Designer’s Advice

For a new spin on the accent wall, Joel Bray’s advice is to look up. Question: What color should I choose for an accent wall in my apartment, and how should I finish off the decorating? The light is cold and the floor is a bit orangey. –…

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Ask A Designer: How To Layer A Rug Over Carpet

H&H’s Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper offer expert advice on how to achieve this cozy and textured look!

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Ask A Designer: Joel Bray On Updating A Dated Kitchen

Senior design editor Joel Bray answers your decorating questions.  Q: My large country kitchen has dated maple cabinets. What color should I paint them so they work with my countertops? Any other suggestions? — S.H., via email A: A greyish-green shade, like Lamp Room Gray by Farrow & Ball, will work well…

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Ask A Designer: Darryl Carter’s Dining Room Advice

Washington, D.C.-based designer Darryl Carter answers your decoration questions. Q: How can I arrange my existing dining furniture to make better use of the space? Do you have any other ideas to make the room work well? — M.S., via email. A: Whether you decide to keep your existing furniture…


How To Furnish A Small Condo To Maximize Space

Calling all condo owners and small space dwellers! This is a video you don't want to miss.

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Ask A Designer: Decorating An L-Shaped Living And Dining Room

Q: My home in Flin Flon Manitoba has and L-shaped living and dining room. I am unsure how to furnish and decorate so that the space seems as large as possible and has the most function. What would you suggest? – Natalie Moran via email (To submit your own…

Best Paint Colors

Ask A Designer: How Do I Pick A White Paint Color?

Q: I am in need of white paint for the majority of my home. I am a fan of Benjamin Moore paint and I know House & Home is too. I have lovely moss green wallpaper with hints of gold and can see my living room painted a beautiful white. I have classic…

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Ask A Designer: Living Room Decor Ideas

Q: Hello. I am your follower on Instagram and I need your help with my living room. I need an idea on how to decorate the wall behind my navy sofa and beside the fireplace as well. What color do you suggest for pillows? – Andreza Baise via email (To submit your own question,…

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Solve Your Decorating Dilemmas With Love It Or List It Vancouver’s Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot!

See if your questions made the cut!

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Ask A Designer: Laundry Room Layout

Brighten a small space.

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Easy Watering Tips For Your Lawn & Garden

Keep your lawn and garden looking greener than ever! Discover the best garden watering tools and get answers to your top lawn maintenance questions from Home Hardware’s gardening expert Mark Cullen. Mark lets us in on his secrets to maintaining outdoor space, like watering plants at certain times during the…

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Ask An Expert: Increase Your Kitchen’s Value!

Learn Cameron MacNeil and Reiko Caron's tips.