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Ellen Thompson’s Sticky Buns

They’re less doughy than a cinnamon bun, have more brown sugar and the pecans bring a nice crunch.


Pumpkin Scones With Maple Cinnamon Glaze

These baked goods are buttery yet crisp on top, tender inside and not overly sweet.


Unicorn Toast

Try this Unicorn Toast recipe from the new cookbook, Vibrant & Pure. Ah, Unicorn Toast, the toast that launched an Instagram phenomenon. Whether people loved it or hated it, this toast was suddenly everywhere. Using beet juice, I had been dyeing everything pink that I could get…


Cinnamony Smoky Eggplant P’titim

Try this Cinnamony Smoky Eggplant P’titim recipe from the cookbook Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors From My Israeli Kitchen. Word to the wise: If you’re in Israel shopping for pantry staples, don’t ask for “Israeli couscous”: shopkeepers will look at you quizzically and give you regular semolina couscous. To…


Roasted Beet Salad With Preserved Lemon and Cinnamon

This beet salad makes use of an ingredient that most people throw out — the inside pulp of a preserved lemon. Puréed in a mini food processor, it contains a lot of flavor that you can add to a marinade or dressing. Taste the pulp as you…


Blueberry Breakfast Bars Recipe

Ideal for breakfasts on-the-run.


Lemon Cardamom Crisps Recipe

A delicate & fragrant pastry.


Preserved Lemons Recipe

A wonderful foodie gift.

Coffee Cake

Nana’s Christmas Coffee Cake Recipe

Individual walnut and cherry buns.


Easy Cinnamon Buns Recipe

Pizza dough makes these quick & easy.


Cinnamon Brioches Recipe

Warm, home-baked bread rolls.