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DIY: Hemp Rug Headboard

A woven hemp rug works beautifully as a headboard, thanks to its organic woven texture that helps create a focal point above a bed. This one’s round shape invites a second look, ensuring that the bed holds its own amid the exotic pieces in this eclectic bedroom. What you’ll need: a rug and nails.

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Easy DIY: Nautical Lampshade

Tired of your table lamps? Update them by recovering the shades in statement wallpaper remnants. Simply apply a layer of wallpaper paste to the existing shade then affix the paper, eliminating wrinkles as you go using a wallpaper smoother and overlapping by about a 1⁄2″ at the seam. Editor’s tip: Striped…

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Easy DIY: Orchid Planter

Acting features editor Wendy Jacob shares a simple idea for an indoor garden. Inspired by the orchid arrangements in the Palm Beach home designed by Les Ensembliers in the June 2016 issue of House & Home, I created a lush planter for a window with filtered light, or…


DIY: Fringe Shower Curtain

Pretty dressmaker details turn a ho-hum shower curtain haute couture in this DIY from senior editor Sally Armstrong.


DIY: Tapestry Headboard

Twin fabric panels in a colorful botanical pattern feel like tapestries when placed at the head of the bed. They give the soft look of an upholstered headboard without the fuss and are a great way to try out pattern without making the commitment to wallpaper. What you’ll need: a…

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DIY: Batik Wall Hanging

Learn the ancient wax-resistant technique from assistant design editor Jennifer Koper.

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DIY: Photo Art

Learn how to make the DIY: Photo Art featured in designer and blogger Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen‘s home tour on H&H TV. Turn your own photos into beautiful prints for your home using Photoshop with these easy step-by-step instructions.

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DIY: Spring Bouquet By Coriander Girl

Alison Westlake, owner of Coriander Girl, shares step-by-step instructions on how to make a loose, romantic floral arrangement.  The latest in floral design is “undesigned”: organic, free-form and lovely. “It’s not so much a trend as a movement,” says Westlake. “We want our food to be local,…

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Easy DIY: Succulent Planter

H&H stylist Reiko Caron shares how to make an indoor succulent planter just in time for spring.  When the calendar strikes spring, I like to bring a bit of greenery indoors to celebrate the the season until the weather catches up. This year, I decided to make a succulent planter for my…

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10 Beautiful Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Transform eggs into works of art!

DIY Projects

DIY: No-Paint Watercolor Floral Mural

Get Reiko Caron's quick and easy instructions.

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DIY: Vintage Velvet Mirror

Senior design editor Joel Bray shares step-by-step instructions.

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DIY: Patterned Step Stool

Senior editor Morgan Michener transforms a simple wooden step stool into an eye-catching accessory.

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DIY: Two-Tone Chair

Use paint to transform a basic chair into a fun style statement. You’ll need a wood chair, painter’s tape, two contrasting paint colors, a paint brush, and sandpaper. 1. Prep for painting. Go over your chair with fine sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges. 2. Choose the palette. Watery…

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DIY: Glass Jar Terrarium

London, U.K.-based author and green thumb Emma Hardy shares a DIY project from her latest book, The Winter Garden (Cico Books, $20). Terrariums are a lovely way to create small gardens inside the house, and are often used to grow succulents and ferns. Displaying flowering plants in an open-topped glass jar…