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Breezy Bedding For A Deeper Sleep This Spring

Cool and breezy bedding for a sound sleep this spring.


Which Bedroom Style Is Your Favorite?

From soft and feminine to modern glam, the possibilities are endless.

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Shops We Love: Find Sustainably Made Stoneware At Fable

Fable is bringing its online collection of sustainable dishes, tableware and linen to life with a new brick-and-mortar store in Toronto.


This One Thing Will Instantly Cozy Up Your Bedroom

Luxurious yet casual, relaxed yet sophisticated, linen bedding is perfect for any bedroom retreat.


Sleep Easy With Sustainable & Organic Bedding

Used linens are one of the most difficult things to recycle; up to 80% of donated bedding is sent directly to North American landfills by donation services, where decomposing natural fibers release methane gas which contributes to climate change. In an effort to help cut down on the 10 million tons…

Decorating & Design

Shops We Love: Inspirati

An appreciation for fine linens was instilled in decorator Wendy Brownie by her grandmother, who owned a linen shop in England before emigrating to Canada in the 1920s. When Brownie became frustrated looking for an heirloom-quality tablecloth to give to her daughter as an engagement present, she followed in her grandmother’s…


Summer Bedding Ideas

Joel Bray's picks for a fresh look.

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Fine Feathered Place Setting

Trendy plummage for a summer table.

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Fun Linens From Smith Handmade

See how Amanda Smith puts a fresh spin on linen.