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Peach Guacamole

Peaches add a sweet element, making it even better for topping a taco or serving with chips.

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Ask A Chef: Shrimp Roll With Chili Lime Mayo

The secret to this classic summer sandwich is the mix of flavors.


Chef Lora Kirk’s Famous Potato Salad

"I've made this potato salad by Lynn Crawford's co-chef Lora Kirk so many times — always to rave reviews," says Lynda Reeves.


Eric Vellend’s Famous Coleslaw

This crunchy, mayo-free slaw plays a refreshing foil to an earthy burger.


Grind-Your-Own-Beef Burgers

A juicy all-beef patty is layered with sharp cheddar, balsamic onions and shredded iceberg.


Salted Fudge

Fudge can be finicky; the success is in the time and temperature to get the right consistency.