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Discover 20+ Barbecue Recipes To Try This Summer

As soon as the warm weather rolls in, there's no better time to fire up the grill.


3 Vibrant Middle Eastern Dishes From Cookbook, Honey & Co. At Home

In their third cookbook, chefs Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer of the beloved U.K. Honey & Co. restaurants inspire with fresh and flavorful Middle Eastern recipes that are close to their hearts. Recipes run the gamut from the homey to the spectacular (check out their Pickled Peach…


Celebrate Summer With These Classic Picnic Recipes

Our idea of a perfect picnic is a mix of classic dishes with new flavor twists and textures.


Fire Up The Smoker With 3 Recipes From Cookbook, The Brisket Chronicles

Grill extraordinaire Steven Raichlen shares his best tips and tricks for mastering one of the most covetable cuts of meat: brisket. With over 60 scrumptious recipes, you’ll learn how to barbecue, braise, smoke and cure it — and create crowd-pleasing carnivore-centric dishes — with The Brisket Chronicles. Is your mouth watering…


Impress Dinner Party Guests With This Bengali-Inspired Meal

Calgary restaurateurs Maya Gohill and Cody Willis share their best recipes.

cookbook spotlight

Try 3 Scrumptious Recipes From The New Cookbook, Perfect Pan Pizza

Peter Reinhart, award-winning author of eight books on bread and baking. shares his secrets to great pan pizza, from memorable crust to cubed — not grated — cheese (who knew?) The cookbook gives step-by-step instructions for making deep dish pies with rimmed baking sheets and deeper pans. Toppings run the…

Anna Olson

Chef Anna Olson Shares Her Baking Essentials & Signature Lemon Squares Recipe

Known as Canada’s baking sweetheart, Anna Olson is every bit as sweet in person as she is on screen. In addition to being an Iron Chef, hosting several TV shows and authoring countless cookbooks, Anna is rounding out her empire with…

Doug Penfold

How To Cook A Colorful Moroccan Feast At Home

Chef Doug Penfold shares recipes and advice for making his refined North African cuisine.


How To Preserve Lemons

Chef Doug Penfold shares three easy steps to make preserved lemons at home — a staple in Moroccan dishes. 1. Look for small, thin-skinned organic lemons, preferably Meyer. Cut each lemon almost into quarters, leaving one end intact. 2. Pack the inside of each lemon…

cookbook spotlight

3 Plant-Based Recipes From The New Cookbook, Love & Lemons Every Day

Food blogger Jeanine Donofrio of Love & Lemons is changing the way we think about eating healthy with her brand new cookbook, Love & Lemons Every Day. With over 300 pages of delicious recipes, beautiful photography and savvy tips, you’ll be inspired to make fresh fruit and…

Chicken Broth

How To Make The Ultimate Chicken Broth At Home

Food editor Eshun Mott shares her best tips & tricks!

April 2019 Cookbook

3 Healthy Recipes From The Cookbook, Modern Lunch

Want to break out of that sandwich rut? These vegetable-centric (but not vegetarian) recipes from the award-winning blogger and author Allison Day are sure to inspire you to refresh your noontime lunch options. Try three recipes to upgrade your lunch game! Citrus, Shrimp And Quinoa…

April 2019 Cookbook

Master The Basics With Carla Lalli Music’s Where Cooking Begins

Bon Appétit‘s food director Carla Lalli Music wants you to get excited about cooking again. Full of tips and tricks, this book will change the way you buy food (try shopping online for shelf-stable pantry staples), and you’ll learn Carla’s six essential cooking methods. Delicious and satisfying…

2019 Trends

The Hottest Food Trends On Our Radar Right Now

Find out what H&H's food editor Eshun Mott is loving!


Bad-Boy TV Chef Matty Matheson Shares His Favorite Family Recipes

The newly minted cookbook author invites you into his kitchen.