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September 12, 2014

Clutter-Free Living Rooms

Sure, we all dream of having dedicated guest quarters, an entertainment room or even just lots of storage, but unfortunately for most of us, that kind of space is a real luxury. In most homes, a single room has to do double — or even triple — duty and with all that multitasking, the clutter has a way of piling up. Here are three tips for a tidier, more spacious living room, no matter how many roles it has to play.

1. Use a basket or box as a side table. Choose a sturdy piece with a flat top that will hold its shape under your mug or books. A lightweight basket works particularly well, since it can be moved around easily within the room. Stash your winter throws and extra remotes inside it and no one will be the wiser!

2. Skip a regular sofa in favour of a daybed or sofa bed. Frequent hosts can get more mileage out of the living room with a sofa that doubles as a bed. Try creating your own daybed out of two hollow ottomans with a layer of foam on top. Voila! Extra storage, seating and a guest bed in one.

3. Downsize your coffee table. Bigger isn’t always better! Often, a low side table works just fine in front of the sofa. Better yet, take your cue from card tables and camping gear and search out a foldaway piece. They’re easy to put away and visually lightweight, which helps your space look larger.

Author: Amelia Nezil

Janet Kimber


Stuva bench, Ikea; artwork, rug, pillows, basket and glass-top table, Nelson & Co.


House & Home September 2012 issue


Deb Nelson