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April 10, 2015

Transforming A Stuffy Sofa

Do you love pillows so much that they’re taking over your space? This easy solution will allow you to maintain that plentifully pillowed sofa, while keeping it functional. If you have loose back cushions, remove them and replace them with some of your favourite throw pillows — problem solved!

Step 1: Start by removing the back cushion(s) of your sofa. This will free up space and give you lots of room to play with pillow sizes and layers.

Step 2: Replace the back cushion(s) with two or three larger euro pillows, depending on the size and depth of your sofa. You’ll want to make sure that these pillows are firm and supportive, as they will act as your new, more relaxed back cushions.

Step 3: Start layering. With a back cushion foundation in place, you can begin layering and adding character with smaller throw pillows. For a fun boho-chic look, play with patterns and colours, or opt for neutral and solid pillows for a more clean and crisp style.

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Author: Jennifer Koper & Marina Stamatakos

Janis Nicolay


Daybed, Durga Interiors; coffee table, Plexi-Craft; lamp base, Anthropologie.


House & Home September 2013 issue


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