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December 13, 2017

How To Decorate With Succulents For Christmas

At Vancouver succulent shop Botany Living, Corinne Isherwood gives holiday greens a shapely twist. “Sophia De Mello and I both love home decor, so we wanted to find a home item we could work with. We’d seen an air plant being used as decor and thought, ‘Great!’ … because the most difficult thing is finding those finishing touches.” Find their tips for decorating with succulents for the holidays below!

1. What pots to use: “We’re really particular about our pots: we keep them white, gold or concrete, but we don’t stray from what we love: simple, rustic, traditional — a very clean look.”

2. Why succulents at Christmas work so well: “They’re not too fussy, but they’re nice accent pieces, plus they work in modern and traditional homes.”

3. Succulent of choice: “I love firesticks, which are a type of euphorbia. They’re very coral-like and modern-looking, and they have a long lifespan. People think of succulents as just being green, but there are so many different colors out there!”

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Author: Jeremy Freed

Tracey Ayton


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