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December 15, 2017

Jillian Harris’s Secrets To Relaxed Holiday Hosting

“I don’t want it to be picture-perfect,” says Jillian Harris of Christmas this year. We caught up with the blogger and Love It Or List It Vancouver host at the Ferrero Rocher Thoughtful Giving Pop-Up Shop at Yorkdale in Toronto to see what she has planned for the holidays this year. “I feel like sometimes if you over do it, it feels too stuffy. Some of the best parties are very casual, very off the cuff — it’s about just having some great music on, having the fire roaring, and having everything prepared is best. This year I want to be present,” she says. Find out what else Jillian has planned with our quick-fire Q&A below!

House & Home: What will you be serving?

Jillian Harris: I’m serving a turkey, but everything else will be vegan. I don’t think it has to be all or nothing.

H&H: Do you prefer red and green or gold and silver?

JH: This year, red and green.

H&H: Real tree or fake tree?

JH: Real!

H&H: Holiday brunch or holiday dinner?

JH: Holiday dinner.

H&H: Paper napkins or fabric napkins?

JH: Fabric napkins 100 per cent.

H&H: Go-to hostess outfit?

JH: Definitely a dress and heels — a dress that’s flowy so I can eat and nobody will see my pooch.

H&H: Casual or formal?

JH: Casual.

H&H: Homemade dessert or store-bought?

JH: Homemade.

H&H: Wine or cocktails?

JH: Wine, and then cocktails.

Author: Adena Leigh

1, 3. Courtesy of Ferrero Roche 2. Courtesy of Jillian Harris