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October 17, 2014

Organizing Kids’ Rooms

Give kids an inch… and they’ll fill it with toys, crafts and clutter! Their youthful enthusiasm and carefree attitudes are endearing, but you probably wish they were a little more concerned with tidying — which is why careful organization is a must. Don’t worry. With the help of these three tips, cleaning up won’t feel so much like a chore (and your kids may even want to help!).

1. Repurpose picture ledges. Thin ledges, usually intended for holding art, are a great way to display (and store) your child’s collection of picture books or other small toys. They take up very little room and give children the chance to show-off their favourite stories or trinkets. In fact, let the kids take ownership of the “picture wall” and they’ll happily reorganize it on their own!

2. Choose a bed with storage. Most major furniture retailers now offer kid-sized beds with built-in drawers, like this one from Ikea. It’s one of the simplest ways to hide the clutter of play-time and doesn’t require any extra room. Plus, the sliding drawers are easy to access and low enough for tiny children to help put their toys away.

3. Get creative with the nightstand. By tipping a wooden box on its side, you’ll get a bedside table and storage in one — not to mention a playful prop! The reclaimed-wood table adds a rustic note to this sweet space, and it’ll appeal to any kid who likes a bit of adventure or outdoor play (just don’t tell her it’s the tidier option, too).

Author: Amelia Nezil

Angus Fergusson


Crate, bunting, pushpins, La Merceria; sheet set, gingham pillow, pillowcases, Pottery Barn; wall colours, Daiquiri Ice (2034-70), Pewter (2121-30), Benjamin Moore; lamp, Queen West Antiques Centre; bed, Ikea.


House & Home May 2013 issue

Stylist: Sarah Hartill