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March 20, 2015

Paring Back For Spring

Not sure where to start with your spring cleaning? How about paring back, simplifying and decluttering? Start with one room at a time so it’s not too overwhelming. Here are some tips for making your rooms a little less cosy and a little more airy.

1. Pare back furniture. Take a look at your big pieces of furniture and reduce where possible. Only keep your essential pieces and consider selling or storing things you may not use like small end tables, poufs and ottomans (the small pieces we introduce for a layered, cosy look in the winter months). There should be breathing space around the pieces that you do keep. Clear as much clutter off of the floor as possible (stacks of boxes, books, toys, etc.).

2. Reduce clutter. Next, clean up your surfaces. Can you reduce the decorative items on your coffee and side tables? Can you move some of the small appliances on your kitchen counters into cabinets or a pantry? Can you store things on your bathroom counter in cabinets underneath instead? Try to edit the items in plain sight to just those that need to be out. The key to keeping this functional is to store the items very close and easily accessible to where they’re used most often. If you have to fumble around in a cabinet because it’s too full, you’ll be less likely to put it away. While you’re on a roll, maybe purge your cabinets of things you don’t use. Be honest with yourself about how often you use something. If it’s not often, perhaps you can go without and give it to someone who will actually use it.

3. Look up. Lastly, have a look at your vertical spaces like walls and bookshelves. Is your home (or one room) painted multiple colours? Sticking to a monochromatic colour scheme can bring a sense of calm and minimalism to a space. Do you have a busy gallery wall? Consider paring it back a bit. Or swap the smaller pieces for a few larger ones, so that there are fewer pieces but the gallery still fills the same amount of space. Go through what’s on your bookshelves; keep what you actually use as is, and corral smaller bits into large display boxes.

In the end, a minimal look can have varying degrees, and you have to choose what’s right for your taste and lifestyle. But starting out with these tips can jump start your spring cleaning. Happy organizing!

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Author: Jennifer Koper & Gwen Matsell

André Rider


Bed, Riva 1920; bed linens, Frette; side table, branch, MA Mobilier Actuel.


House & Home September 2014 issue


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