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March 4, 2013

Oriental Carpets

Like every other editor in our office, I’m feeling the love for oriental carpets. You’ve probably noticed them popping up in our photo shoots and stories over the last several issues. Who can resist the soft colours and ornamental pattern of a Turkish or Persian rug — even better when they’re slightly faded and threadbare!

I’ve just purchased my first vintage rug, from the amazing Ecarpet Gallery in Montreal and I’m thrilled. The rug was brought in by Stacey Smithers for an amazing upcoming June story she produced. Luckily I sit next to her and get to see all the good stuff coming through!

I love the way designers are layering these carpets over sisal or using more than one in the same space, and I especially like that we’re seeing them in unexpected rooms like the bathroom or kitchen.

My dilemma: where to put mine? (Please forgive these poorly lit last minute pictures I took at 7 a.m.).

I’ve recently updated my front hall with fresh paint, a new stair runner, a black banister and a teal blue door.

Art, lighting and finishing touches are still to come. Is this the spot to lay the lovely rug down? It has big impact the minute you walk through the door, feels cushy underfoot, and works well with the sisal runner. It feels special and decorative.

Or, does it belong in the kitchen? As you can see, it perfectly fits the void in my kitchen. I love the way it brings colour and cosiness to a utilitarian space. It’s nice when working at the stove or sink to have something soft underfoot. But what happens when tomato sauce or red wine spills on it? Does it matter? The rug is already worn and loved!

Weigh in if you want. Maybe the answer is to buy two!

Photo credits:
1-5. Hilary Smyth