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September 5, 2012

Antiquing In France

One of my favourite things to do in France is hit the Sunday morning antiques fair, or brocantes as they call them. It involves a pleasant country drive to the neighbouring village or town and a lot of restraint to not buy up everything that catches my eye! That said, in recent years I’ve become more selective and less impulsive with my shopping.

This summer on a family trip to France, I found myself at an amazing market in Bazas. Table after table filled the town square, where a beautiful cathedral towered in the background.

I kept my purchases to a minimum, which somehow makes them more special. Find of the day: 10 pastis glasses for 4 euros (that’s approximately $5 Canadian). I love their small size, heavy base and the fact that they’re not all the same. I don’t drink pastis, but I do love celebratory bubbles and these make great flutes!

I think I overpaid for this picture frame, though I did knock 2 euros off the price. I like the “easel” style of it — the tarnished brass ball feet and a simple piece of thick bevelled glass. Someone needs to revive this design and start selling them here.

And for me, this Agatha ring — only 2 euros! Looking at the Agatha website (the line isn’t sold in stores here), I think the original price could have been around 100 to 150 euros. Every purchase can’t be for the home!

For more antiquing tips, watch Michael Penney’s video, read about Morgan Michener’s Toronto hunt, or Kathryn Bala’s trip to West Virginia.

Photo credits:
1-4. Hilary Smyth