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July 26, 2016

The Summer Play Space Your Cat Needs

Just like us, cats need an outdoor oasis during the warm summer months. The “catio” — a patio for cats — is an enclosed outdoor space that lets your furry friend enjoy the outdoors without any risk. What makes these even more fun is that they are easily DIY-able! Here are some inspiring projects created by The Cat Carpenter to get you started.


This catio has a tunnel that leads your feline from the house into her own private space on the deck.


This catio is situated away from the house, making it the perfect hangout spot for the kitties who want their own space.catio

For a bit more privacy, this screened-in porch uses TuffScreen material which not only hides your cats from the public, but also keeps insects out. If your cat is still demonstrating anxious behaviour, then it may be worthwhile considering a cat calmer plug in.


A catio built under a second floor deck boasts three walls of shelves for your cat to pounce on and test out their nine lives. If your cat gets injured, you may apply first aid if you are trained or immediately bring your pet to an emergency pet care facility.

Author: Sabina Sohail

Courtesy of The Cat Carpenter

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