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January 6, 2011

Puerto Vallarta’s Sunny Style

I was lucky enough to travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this holiday and to be honest I’m actually still here while I write this — beach chair, Pacific view, warm sun, and dreading more than ever the return back to the cold!

Puerto Vallarta is a small beachside town, known to many as a sun-filled tourist destination, but it was its authentic beauty and rustic charm that caught my eye the most. From the endless tile work, to the seamless indoor/outdoor living spaces, to the wrought iron and the understated, yet perfectly adorned façades, this place is truly magical. 

The trip itself was amazing, but the thing I continued to notice was just how gorgeous this place is from a design standpoint. Puerto Vallarta, and especially the Old Town District, is rich with history and gorgeous architecture and decor.

Here’s a shot of a Hausienda we had dinner at one night. This is the living area but what you can’t see is that it’s completely open on one side to a central courtyard. It feels so authentic, and I love all the white and cream with warm orange-red accents.

There were also a couple of places I found along the way that were able to take traditional Mexican inspiration and then update it in a more contemporary way.

This beachfront restaurant is a great example. I love the way they’ve laid the brick pavers in a herringbone pattern!

I could literally go on for days about how inspired I am by this place and hope to share a bunch more photos over the next few months. But for now I need to look up from the laptop and soak in the sun while I still have the chance!

Photo credits:
1-6. Joel Bray