February 1, 2012

Spring Food Trends

I attended the semi-annual Chapters and Indigo Books + Music sneak peek last week, and this is what I rounded up from the event to get you excited for spring:

Heather Reisman, the founder and CEO of the company, says Indigo is quickly becoming a lifestyle department store, selling everything from tableware to kids toys, suntan lotion, electronics, fruity Napa olive oil, candy, and of course, books!

The retailer’s spring and summer line-up included this decidedly man-centric setup. The barbecue spice rub in the jar up front was created just for Indigo. Reisman says they’re going to be creating more and more signature products for the shops.

I don’t know what these amazing Covered Bridge creamy dill chips were doing in the man-scape section. Kettle cooked potato chip eating is clearly women’s work. Especially when said chips come wrapped in chic burlap bags.

Trish Magwood — who was also featured in our October 2011 issue — is a buyer for Indigo, spotting both the latest food trends and must-have culinary classics. She told me to check out Botanical Bakery’s lavender shortbreads, and Roger’s Chocolates from Victoria (above). She didn’t have to tell me twice. I love Roger’s cream-filled chocolates (and not just because I’m a pig and they’re massive.)

The best part of the event was catching with the great chef Lynn Crawford (above), whose new cookbook Pitchin’ In (2012 Penguin), is sure to win every Can-lit cookery book award in the coming year. It’s gorgeous and delicious-looking and the recipes look doable, which is exactly what you want out of a cookbook. (See some of Chef Crawford’s recipes from her food emporium Ruby Eats.)

Photo credits:
1-5. Amy Rosen