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Try Signature Dishes From Award-Winning Canadian Restaurants

Canada's Best New Cookbook celebrates some of the country's best restaurants and dishes.


Marconi’s Mushrooms, Poached Egg and Brown Butter

Chef Mehdi Brunet Benkritly of Montreal's Marconi shares the recipe for his award-winning dish.


Campanelle with Wild Boar Ragù

Chef Kevin Risos shares his recipe for the most delicious pasta from his award-winning restaurant Ask for Luigi.


Four Quintessential Beef Burgers & Our Best Sides

You'll want to make these summer recipes over and over again.

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6 Budget-Friendly Backyard Decorating Ideas

Tips for a low-cost, low-maintenance space.


Classic Beef Burger

Here’s our take on the famous “Animal Style” burger from the secret menu of the venerable California chain In-N-Out Burger. Previously known only to insiders, key elements include mustard fried onto the patty, slow-cooked onions, homemade sauce and fresh toppings.


Dufflet’s Finishing Touches

Learn easy dessert tricks.


Quick Spinach Dip Recipe

A last-minute entertaining dish.


Dufflet’s Strawberry Cake

Amy Rosen learns a summer dessert recipe.

Amy Rosen

Sweet Potato Oven Fries Recipe

A perfect side to any burger.


Grilled Mexican Corn

Serve at a summer barbecue party.


Spicy Slaw

A fresh summer salad, perfect for a barbecue.

Amy Rosen

Homemade Ketchup Recipe

A simple way to make your own condiment.

Amy Rosen

Moqueca De Peixe Fish Stew Recipe

A spicy Brazilian seafood dish.

Amy Rosen

Tomatoes Provencal Recipe

Use up fresh garden tomatoes.